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About Our Cause

A group of concerned citizens from towns surrounding the Ipswich River watershed have formed an organization to investigate environmental risks and community impact associated with a proposed apartment complex development at 20 Elm Street in  North Reading.  This development, if built as proposed, would include 5 five story buildings, with 200 multi-bedroom apartment units and parking for each unit, on the banks of the vital and protected Ipswich River. The area is not close to public transportation.  The area is not walkable.  The area has no public sewer system and requires a wastewater treatment plant to be privately run. The contamination risk to the Ipswich River and drinking water source for 330,000 downstream residents of 15 communities is at extremely high as past experience has taught us.  The influx of cars on Rt. 62, a road that cannot support hundreds of additional cars, is a hazard.This is just the tip of the public safety and environmental concern iceberg.  Join us in opposing this egregious 40B proposal and help us defend our community and our environment .

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Help Support Us

We need your financial support to properly defend the Ipswich River Watershed and the 15 downstream communities against the 20 Elm Street, North Reading development.  Funds raised will allow us to retain top notch 40B attorneys and field expert consultants to produce meaningful

information that support our claims (environment,

traffic, public safety, density, etc.) during the Zoning

Board of Appeals Committee hearings, the Safe Harbor HAC hearings and every other complex step that we may be faced with along the road of 40B.  With your

help, this project can be prevented from happening!


By check via mail to:

Defend Ipswich River Communities

P.O. Box 695

North Reading, MA 01864

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